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"He recently dropped a rendition of his single “I Wish I Knew,” which he performed as an intimate and spontaneous live track. The song is immediately captivating due to the human and organic quality of the production. The release is immersive and on point, giving the listeners a key to unlock the doorway to Dean’s musical world"

- TheBandCampDiaries music reviews- 

"Dean's soulful vocals and insightful lyrics leave us with goose bumps" 

                            - Music Crowns

Dean Franklin is a singer and songwriter with a focus on creating personal and beautifully relatable music, which sets the bar higher by combining different styles and influences. 


Recently, Dean released a beautiful new song titled I Wish I Knew, which was followed by a heartfelt live rendition. This performance is particularly powerful, especially if you consider the fact that Dean had to face some of his demons and anxiety in order to get where he’s at now: in fact, he found his confidence to play live in 2015, and never looked back. Since then, he has been using his music not only to bring a smile to the face of his listeners but also to support many charity projects, including benefitting homeless people and raising awareness on mental health issues.


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